Spandex Bikini

If you are a man who does not mind taking risks, then the spandex bikini just might be something you should consider when you are shopping for new swimwear. First of all, spandex is one of the most popular fabrics on the market for many various clothing items. Granted, bikinis are up there at the top of list, but you can find many items made from spandex. These include workout clothes and bicycle shorts. Actually, it was spandex bicycle shorts that first appeared on the scene and everyone started to notice them.

Once serious cyclists began to become more and more noticeable in their spandex shorts, the gauntlet was considered to be thrown down; a challenge to make the perfect spandex bikini was undertaken by swimwear designers all over the world. The goal in mind was to create the most alluring bikinis from spandex for men to strut their stuff at the beach or wherever your favorite swimming venue happens to be. If a man happens to enjoy looking hot and sexy while walking the water’s edge, there is nothing more perfect than a bikini created from spandex. You can tell the men who are used to wearing something this daring and revealing. Those guys will be the ones moving like they are comfortable in their own skin.

Now, it seems that everywhere you look these days there are men dazzling everyone on the beach simply by wearing a spandex bikini. Of course, their bodies need to be sculpted enough for others to want to see them. The truth is that any man can acquire the body needed to pull off the sexiest man alive when wearing bikinis. Spandex swimsuits of all kinds are amazing, particularly bikinis. If you need proof of that, all you need to do is get yourself in shape and give it a try. You will see instantly that you are getting those lustful stares that you have wanted to see in the past, only now they are in the present and looking at you. 

Spandex Bikini

If you want to try out something new this summer, I would suggest picking out your very own spandex bikini online. Now you may not think that wearing something like this is something that you would be comfortable with, but you really need to look past that. You should realize that it will not be too much longer when every single swimwear item you purchase is going to be made from spandex anyway. Since it is going to happen anyway, you might as well get ahead of the curve and start looking into these wonderful designs while you can.

You should at least try to find some spandex bikini designs that you would like to try out and wear them around your own home to start feeling normal while wearing them. This way you will not be forced to wear spandex for the very first time in public because you could not find anything else to wear. I have been in similar situations and it never works out that well for someone who has their mind set a certain way. At least, if you get the chance to try something new on your own without people seeing you, then you can determine if it is something you want to continue wearing.

The good news is that once you try on your first spandex bikini you will not want to ever take it off. In fact, that is exactly what happened with me when I tried my first ever bikini. Once I got it on and adjusted the right way, I simply did not want to take it off again. It was the most comfortable thing I had ever tried, and I knew that I was going to be hooked forever. So at least you know now what you have to look forward to when you walk down the beach in your bikini. I will tell you that buying a bikini like this is only going to make you want to try all those other designs that you see online and that is where you might want to reign yourself in a bit. Start slowly and work your way up. That usually does the trick.


spandex bikinis for men
Spandex bikini for men

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Do you remember wearing your first spandex bikini for men? I do and even though it was years ago the memory is fresh in my mind. My friend and next door neighbor received a tiny bikini from his mom. This was a number of years ago and we were all in our early teens. This was well before the explosion we see today in the sexy swimwear market for men. We were all wearing surf shorts back then but his mom told him he would get a great tan wearing it. He told her he would never wear it, never! They argued for a while but there was no way James was going to ever wear that little bikini. James was a little over weight and let’s face it how many teens would be confident enough in their bodies to wear something like that. At least one and that one would be me. I told James I thought it looked great, it was every bit as small as the bikinis girls were wearing at the time and the truth is the idea of wearing that little bikini excited me. His response was you wear it then and he threw the suit to me with all the other guys in the room laughing about it. Janet, James mom said to me if you like it and you will wear it. It’s yours.


To be continued