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Spandex Bikini for Men

We love our bikinis on men and women. Not long ago spandex bikinis for men were considered rather extreme but today they are mainstream with more men than ever changing over to these wonderful and sexy styles. It is our mission to get men to change. We live the swimwear lifestyle and everyone that works here is into bikinis. The guys and the girls here wear super sexy bikinis, we are into the micro swimwear scene. Women have made the change over many years and wearing next to nothing is totally normal for them. I am envious of that fact but I am trying very hard in fact all of us here at the Spandex Bikini for men site are working hard to get men out of their trunks and into something hot and sexy. It will make the world a better place, I can feel it!

Spandex bikini for men

It doesn’t take much for me to be happy as long as I am wearing my spandex bikini for men out on the beach. I usually end up spending the majority of my time thinking about what I will be doing later on in the week while wearing my bikini than focusing on the matters at hand though. This has affected my work in a few ways but as long as I get the chance to wear my bikini that is all that matters to me. My boss has tried to tell me that I could be running my own division at work if I would put in as much effort into work that I do into wearing my spandex bikini for men, but he doesn’t understand that life isn’t about working. Life isn’t even about how much money you can make. Life is all about the experiences that you have and all of the great experiences that I have been involved with have been while I was wearing my bikinis. If that isn’t more important than inputting numbers into column A, what could be?

spandex bikini for men
Spandex bikini for men

Let us blow you away with the hottest men's bikini, thong, G-string and micro short swimwear designs.