Spandex Bikini for Men Finally Get a Chance

A spandex bikini for men has been on the market for many years but not before the spandex swimwear that was designed for women. It is safe to say that women’s swimwear has been far ahead of men when it comes to styles. Women have had monokinis, bikinis, thongs and G-strings for a very long time. It did take a little while for men to see that they were missing out on some amazing designs for their own swimsuits. This was especially true when it came to spandex. For some reason, it took a very long time for designers to get around to using this remarkable material in creating swimsuits for men. Then, once they did, there was a never-ending competition for the sexiest swimwear.

The first spandex bikini for men may not have caught on instantly, but once they were worn by Olympic swimmers and divers in the 1960s, it seemed that these spandex bikinis were in great demand. Nothing could compare with the sexy fit of these bikinis once they were introduced to the public. Most people went wild over them when men wore them in public swimming venues such as beaches or resort pools. It seemed that nothing so sexy had ever been seen in a place that others could see. Of course, men who are in the best of physical shape were the ones who got the  most positive attention but this style made those men who were not in good shape more determined to get that way. So you see just what a motivation these spandex bikinis are.

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