Men's spandex bikini
spandex bikinis for men

How low will you go? The one thing we can say about today’s spandex bikini styles for men are some have become very risqué and others blur the lines between what you can wear in public and what design might end up having you asked to cover up. Before I go into detail let me say I have been to beaches all over the world wearing some of the most micro bikinis and thongs, some even completely sheer and I have never been asked to cover up, that said if I am wearing something truly shocking I will always have a less risqué back-up suit in my bag. I have had friends stopped by lifeguards and police and asked to cover up so having a full back bikini on hand at all times just seems to make a lot of sense. Spandex bikini for men, swimsuit designs are available from full coverage to almost no coverage, solid colors to completely sheer, the spectrum of designs is huge and the only thing that will hinder your choice is you. I am into totally micro designs but many men are afraid to try something so small, my advice is to go as small as you dare. It’s OK to test your limits and what feels like wearing almost nothing today might feel like a cover up in a few months. I started with full size Speedos and today I can’t imagine wearing something so large with so much coverage. The swimsuits I wear are about 1/20 the size of a Speedo and they offer me an almost nude tan experience.

Let us blow you away with the hottest men's bikini, thong, G-string and micro short swimwear designs.

Spandex bikini for men